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Abhishek Bachan

Community of Abhishek Bachan
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Welcome to abhi_daily! This community was started by sanghamitra, will be maintained/moderated by her. This is a community where you can post anythings but the only things that are related to Abhishek Bachan. I adore him so, I started this community. So, look around and serve yourself. If you like please read the rules below and JOIN!


  1. You have to like/love/adore Abhishek Bachan to join this community.
  2. Post only anything that is related to Abhishek Bachan.

  3. Assuming there will be all kinds of living things here, let this community be decent which means no profanity, no vulgarism, no pr0n and no nude pictures! Please!

  4. If you want to say something like "Oh! I love Abhishek Bachan", you most certainly can, but fill this text box up in the lj-cut! Then only you are allowed to do so.

  5. Images (like any images, icons, FO banners, headers, and what not) can be posted here, oh yes ofcourse Abhishek Bachan should be in it, but pics larger than 400x400 MUST go behind the cut. If you do not know how to do so go to FAQ.

  6. Make sure you mention the sources of where you got the pics from. Seriously, I do not care. But if you do not know, It's OK.

  7. NO flaming at all! Doesn't matter what, where, when or to who! I don't care if you are right or wrong I just do not want any flamings. Period.

  8. If you, If you do not follow these rules than I have to say good bye to you. These rules are pretty absolute and simple to follow. Person violates any rules will be warned once, twice but the thrid time will be banned.

  9. NO HOTLINKING! Period. Upload the images/pictures/graphics to your own server. If I hear complains about it, the person who violates this rule will be banned. Will not be warned! Upload here, here, or here. Hotlinking is becomming serious issue these days. So, the violater of this rule won't be considered but directly be banned.


  1. I do get some pictures from here, sometimes I unintentionally do forget to mention that. So, do not kill me for that!

  2. I also take screen shots from the movies using VLC media player version of 0.8.2. It is simple and easy.

  3. Or maybe sometimes I just come across them randomly.

::Color Bar::

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Oh there are tons of em' to put em down here and I'll do so!

srk_daily, madhuri_daily, rani_daily, preity_daily, bollymen_daily, abraham_daily, bipasha_pics, bollygals, bollyicons, bollymen_daily, hrithik_daily, kajol_daily, karishma_pics, madhuri_daily, sridevi_pics, trishak_pics and may add some more in the future!

::Buttons and Banners::

Please help us advertising this community. I'm sure there are many people who love Abhishek Bachan, just like I do!Thank you! Oh yes, of you come up with a button or banner please submit it, I'll consider it and may use it if I like it and I know you may be better then me at graphics and I won't be ashamed of it.

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